A Little Trip for Inspiration

I’m now starting to prepare new work for next year’s August exhibition at the St Edmund Gallery in Bury St Edmunds. Inspired by a drawing called ‘Flora’ that I had created previously in the year…

Flora by Kelly O'Gorman, KOG

I wanted to visit a Garden to explore the different varieties of plants and flowers, to examine how they grow and entwine, their movement and form, the delicateness and detail to the leaves and petals and also record colours and how they compliment one another.

The first place that sprung to mind was Kew Gardens, but it was just too far to go considering I didn’t have that much time. On my search for local gardens I came across Capel Manor Gardens, just up the road from me, I think I went there once on a Primary School Trip, but I had forgotten it existed and it was only £5.50 to get in. There are 30 acres of themed gardens!

Capel Manor Gardens

Capel Manor GardensDespite the rain, I spent a few hours walking around the gardens and taking photos, I did bring a sketchpad but the weather didn’t change. I got lots of inspiration which I’m already putting to use.

Capel Manor Gardens

Can’t believe I hadn’t gone sooner, It must be absolutely gorgeous in the Summer!



  1. Hi Kelly
    Love your designs I just purchased your 2018 calender and the art work iS amasing. I want to do it justice with my colouring. Can you tell me if spectrum noir alcahol based markers would work ok on both the calender a-z flora and fauna book. As I would hate to ruin it if the colour bleeds through . Any advice would be greatly appreciated . Thankyou so
    Kind regards

  2. Hi Jacqui, thank you for contacting me. A friend of mine uses spectrum noir on the book and has created beautiful work, I’m sure that as the calendar paper stock is al ot thicker it work well too. If you are worried about the ink bleeding through then I would suggest you either put a backing card or paper behind the image you are working on to protect the page underneath or remove the page from the book completely. So happy you like them, kindest regards Kelly

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