Happy October! Halloween Inspired Picture – Witchcraft! – Stitchcraft!

Inspired by the arrival of Autumn, Approaching All Hallows’ Eve, The New Forest and a pair of High Heels, I’ve just finished my latest picture.

halloween inspired picture by kogI’ve always wanted to draw a Witch for the retro series, when I saw this photo on the November 1954 edition of Stitchcraft – and she was holding a broom! I just had to do something with it.

Lots of people ask me how I go about starting a piece, so I thought this time I would see  if I could create a small movie / animation and so I photographed the picture every 15 minutes. I set an alarm on my oven timer ( the alarm is really annoying and quite loud) this forced me to get up and walk away from the picture to reset it, i don’t think I would of stuck to it otherwise!

I’ve uploaded the video to You Tube, seen here: Creation of the Witch Picture by KOG

When it came to creating and colouring the picture I was inspired by the New Forest, It’s such a beautiful place, every year we try to go there for a little break and ride bikes through the forest, there are wild ponies everywhere and little cottages with thatched roofs. I especially love Burley Village: see link http://www.burleynewforest.co.uk/ we call it ‘The Witch Village’ and this is where I brought this amazing pair of heels, WITCH then became the colour inspiration for the picture.

iron fist zombie stomper shoes

my Iron Fist 'Zombie Stomper' heels, colour inspiration for 'Witchcraft'

They are great aren’t they! x

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