Latest Work in Progress

Since my “Trip for Inspiration” last November I have been working on a bigger floral piece, which is A1 in size. I’m glad to say that Im almost there, I worked out that its taken me over 100 hours of solid drawing time to complete this one and as yet I’m not sure whether to keep it black and white or whether to introduce some colour. I think the safest bet is to have it scanned and then experiment with the prints.

The idea behind this arrived through a conversation with a lovely lady called Teresa, who came into the shop to buy a print of Flora.

I have yet to name this floral lady, a combination of climbing Roses and Ivy, whilst drawing her I was inspired by the style of Art Nouveau and its deep connection with nature. I try not to explain my work unless people ask,  as I prefer others to find their own interpretation, but I wanted the lady to have a sense of contemplation about herself.

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