Latest Work ‘Lady Luck’

I have Just finished the next edition to my retro series of work which I have named ‘Lady Luck’

Lady Luck

This series of work was inspired by images from 1950s knitting patterns.

I carefully selected the images, scanned them, cut them out and then stuck them on a new sheet of paper, I then began to draw over and around the image, putting them into a new situation,

‘Lady Luck’ was originally inspired by the contents of my mother’s handbag, my mother being a very superstitious woman, I never was that aware to the extent of this until we had to go past airport security last year. I don’t think her terrible fear of flying helped the matter, she made sure she had every lucky charm at hand, from rosary beads to  keys, crucifixes to lucky pebbles and even a small plastic baby.

I just had to photograph it all ( please note: the massive bible is missing is this picture)


Contents of my mum's purse

Lucky Charms

I had an idea to make a lucky fortune picture,  and after the past year i’ve had, I needed to create some luck!

As the picture began to take form, I began to incorporate other elements from our apparent Romany Heritage, teamed with my absolute  love of nature and the outdoors, Lady Luck began to take form.

She now sits on the entrance wall to my home as a lucky symbol, a protector and a reminder of the importance of the free things in life that we often take for granted.

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