Mother’s Day! Limited Edition Art Screen Prints

I have just created some screen prints of one of my favourite pieces from the Retro Series called ‘Mother’s Day’. The prints are a Limited Edition run of 50 and are individually signed and numbered, they measure 50cm x 70cm in size and are printed 4 colour onto high quality Fabriano Paper.  These art prints can be bought for £100 plus postage at my newly opened online shop! which can be found at

mothers day screen print

Art for Mothers Day

This picture was originally inspired by a collection of 1950s Ephemera that came into my mum’s shop.

I am fascinated with the imagery surrounding these past eras, especially that of the glamourous woman and the 1950s housewife. These women seemed so perfectly groomed and happy, they looked they had it together, they even seemed to enjoy their housework and kitchen appliances!  To me they were a picture of a perfection. I can see it now… hubby coming home from a hard day at the office to find his wife standing in their sparkling clean home, not a hair out of place, red ruby lips and high heels with children at her feet who are as immaculately dressed and well mannered as she, The dinner would be on the table.. a massive feast, everyone would sit down too eat together! How Wonderful!

Now a grown woman and Mother myself, trying to live up to the the image of the 1950s housewife is very much an impossibility. I think Im doing an alright job until being bombarded with imagery and messages that my house should be cleaner, bigger, that i should be thinner, I should have longer lashes and blah, blah, blah!

Most days I feel like a crazy nagging, worrying, multi tasking machine mess, who needs more arms and more time! But I love my family and always try to do the best I can for them.

So when I saw the image of this lady in the vintage washer appliance pamphlet, I just had to use it.

 She is the image of a bionic superwoman, part woman, part machine, happily cooking gingerbread babies whilst scrubbing floors, making tea, cakes and cleaning, all the time the image of an angel, a smile on her face and pinny round her waist!

To all the mother’s out there, doing the most important job in the world, holding it together behind the scenes, caring for others selflessly, raising future generations! No matter what, your doing a grand job!

Happy Mothers Day! xxxx



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