I’m honored to have been asked to design a tattoo, and I must say its been on of the hardest things I’ve ever been asked to do! Gary approached me last year after seeing my artwork and really wanted something done in my style.

It’s going to be a whole sleeve and is for his fiance, so he would like to spell out her name in out in pictures. Her name is Kate, so there are going to be 4 main elements to the design.

He would like to include their 2 cats and would like some of the flowers from my picture ‘Bella’ ( seen below ) and would also like the design to include an apple – as Kate’s grandmother gave her an apple necklace, last but not least the overall feeling of the tattoo would be fun and happy!

I’ve decided to blog about the process, so here it is so far… I’m drawing the design in black ‘bic’ biro on paper, Im not laying down any pencil work beforehand, so its a bit freestyle – the way I like to work!

I started at the bottom of the design with the letter E.

After making a list of things that began with the letter E and contemplating for quite a while, I had an idea of Elephants, like in Dumbo – when they are holding each others tails, but as the line goes along they get smaller and smaller and they could spiral down the wrist . I love the symbolism associated with elephants, e.g. In Buddhism the elephant is seen as a symbol of physical and mental strength. In other cultures it is seen as a symbol of good luck, wisdom, loyalty, peace and longevity.

For the letter T I drew a Toy T rex,

For the ‘A’  I’ve drawn an Apple to symbolize the apple necklace that Kate’s Grandmother gave to her. Its a cute apple face boy with a pet worm.

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